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21 Apr  2

cute  (kyo̅o̅t)
adj. cut·ercut·est
1. Delightfully pretty or dainty.
2. Obviously contrived to charm; precious.
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21 Apr  8

king and queen

EXO birthdays in 2014
| Kyungsoo (x) | Jongin (x) | Minseok (x)| Sehun (x) | Next!: 140502 Huang Zitao |


Fansigning for Jill Stuart

I miss you, I want to see you

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17 Apr  2


After the ferry tragedy that happened the major broadcasting companies pulled the music programs and EXO fans are complaining because they’ve been waiting on EXO’s comeback. 

Hundreds of people are missing or dead, including a bunch of high school kids

And you motherfuckers are angry about EXO’s comeback being pushed back a few days

Both international and Korean fans. All ya’ll motherfuckers are vile. 

17 Apr  747