fan: who is the member that you want to take care of, the one who you feel uneasy leaving alone!

rise: eunbi!!!!!!♡
two angels may have left this earth physically, but they will forever live on in our hearts. may the two of you watch over this world together and i wish the best to your families. thank you for fighting so hard and thank you for touching our lives in such an intimate way. rest in peace rise and eunbi ♥

Heaven now has two beautiful angels. Rest peacefully together, RiSe & EunB. You will be missed.



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sangnam love story 

To the success of Haru’s album and debut!

“I swear I’m going to sleep earlier.”
— the person who never does (via livingbomb)

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Kim Sohyun Unionbay fall'14
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Korean actors and actresses accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Part 2/2.